Tuesday, September 25, 2012

YES! I WENT SKYDIVING!!! (video included)

Well, this summer I went to Germany, France, England, and all over Italy, graduated, and spoke at convocation. At the end of August, I started my masters program in Marriage and Family Therapy at BYU (which I love!). Now that life has gotten back into a steady pace, I decided that it was about time to spice it up! So—to keep from getting bored—I decided it was time to jump out of a plane. Yes, I went skydiving!

This cheesy smile was plastered on my face for hours

I went with my friend Kevin Gee in Tuella, Utah. We actually tried to go last weekend, but the plane broke before we went up. I know what you're going to say (because my grandma and about 47 other people already have), "So you went to get back on that dysfunctional plane?" But hey, if it breaks again—at least I have a parachute—it was probably the safest I've ever been on a plane.
I could not stop smiling on the drive to Tuella, I was so excited! When we arrived, I met the man who would be filming my jump and taking pictures; he works in the music industry full time, knows Justin Bieber, and complimented my Bieber Fever bowling league shirt (everyone else just gave me a hard time haha I truly thought I was going to wear a jump suit...didn't give much thought to my wardrobe). I wasn't at all nervous about skydiving UNTIL—that is—I met my instructor, Blake. Not that he didn't have adequate experience; on the contrary, he has been doing this full time for the last 30 years. The problem was that he decided that the walk to the plane would be a good time to tell me about all the skydiving mishaps and fatalities in the last few years. Who does that? More than anything though, he just made me laugh. I was overly jittery on the plane ride up and resorted to talking everyone's ears off in attempt to distract myself.

And then, in what seemed like seconds, we had reached 13,000 feet and were ready to jump!  Before I could wrap my mind around it all, I saw my 6'5" friend, Kevin, jump out of the plane with his 5'6" instructor (yeah—it was a sight! Their landing was pretty epic as well). Then, it was my turn. I put my feet over the ledge, looked down and felt like I had no perception of depth. I rocked backwards, listened to Blake (my instructor) count "1, 2, 3!" and—like nothing—did a gainer out of the plane! Free falling though the air was amazing! I know we were going fast, but I had no perception of my speed or the rate I was falling at. With the help of the wind blowing my cheeks upward, I'm pretty positive that I had a bigger, cheesier smile on my face than ever before.
We did a gainer out of the plane!

It was amazing to b so high above the ground! 
Blake didn't love my hair in his face. Fortunately for me, I was a little too preoccupied to notice
Blake got scared and hid in my hair.

The free fall only lasted about a minute, and then Blake pulled the parachute. I guess I don't need to explain the details of that, but gliding down was just as amazing as the free fall. We did all sorts of spins and I could steer the chute wherever my heart pleased. My favorite part was the stalls—which give you the sensation of weightlessness. The whole thing only lasted about 6 or 7 minutes, but it was 7 minutes of absolute bliss! My landing went pretty well—Blake and I stayed on our feet, but then kind of staggered around like drunks before regaining our balance...My ears were plugged for the next 3 hours, but it was worth it! Skydiving was amazing—being able to float above the clouds and to look down on the world! Let's just say this is not going to be a once in a lifetime experience, I want to go again, and hopefully soon!

Landed on our feet!

My instructor. The one who decided to tell me stories about skydiving fatalities before I jumped...

Kevin, myself, and Blake

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  1. Dear Kierea,
    That was definitely one of the most intense, exciting, incredible, and nerve racking experiences ever!! haha watching the video of you jumping just makes me smile and laugh. i think we both got a bit jittery right as the door was opened and the cameras began rolling.. So Im glad i wasn't the only one. (even though you had Blake telling you about the soothing and calming stories... lol) but I'm pretty sure the guy that sat to your left wasn't feeling as close to as good as us before we made the leap of faith haha. i think he was shaking.
    Your pictures are great!! even with your "cheesy" smile :] I am glad you had a blast! thank you so much for coming!! i feel bad you lost your hearing but hopefully you got it back. So Kierea, check that off the bucket list and i hope another check will come off that list soon! Thanks again!!